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We deliver training for the three essentials of modern life
Espresso                 Food              Computers

Espresso. Prepared correctly, espresso could cause everyone to live happily ever after.  Great espresso is hard to achieve but when you've struck gold with a perfect shot, you'll humbly realize what all the fuss is about. A surprisingly few people know what they're doing with espresso, even among professionals. We aim to turn things around!   We're not creating some bitter dark substance in the bottom of a shot glass, but rather the nectar that inspires poetry, the real deal.   
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Food.  Everybody eats it.  That should be reason enough to learn how to cook the stuff.  Understanding how ingredients react to heat, learning what utensils to use and how to handle a kitchen knife are the first steps to landing your own TV show.  Did I mention, we get to eat?  It's really too much fun to call it a class.  
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Computers.  Our goal at School Again, is to remove the fear factor from this leap into tomorrow and show you that computing can indeed be fun and rewarding.  We make it as good as it gets.  Current schedules can be found here 
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Who are we?
School Again Training is is a privately owned training company incorporating the skills of highly effective trainers, passionate about their topics. 

What do we offer?
Professional espresso savvy, practical cooking help, and individualized computer instruction.

What makes us different?
All of our culinary training takes place in a comfortable home environment.  Our appliances are professional grade to insure that the results represent the best possible.  With this clear picture of the possibilities, you can learn to pull the best from your own equipment while you strive to meet the goals of your training.  We keep our classes small to insure a personal touch. 
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School Again Training presents, in the welcoming comfort of our home, Cooking Classes & Dinner Parties
where you get to learn, eat and leave the mess to us

4921 65th St NE
Marysville, WA 98270

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