Ebinger's Blackout Cake?
I arrived in Brooklyn in 1978, six long years after the famous Ebinger's Bakery closed due to bankruptcy. It has been said by many that this was THE BEST BAKERY IN THE WORLD. I can't really comment on that but although I  missed ever visiting the bakery, being married to a Brooklyn girl, I sure heard about it.  In fact, I've been hearing about it for over 30 years!

A brief online search reveals that she is hardly alone in this drooling adoration for the bakery, in particular their Blackout Cake. People speak of this delicacy as if it walked on water and healed the sick.  I'm not suggesting that it has been raised to the level of savior- heck it's only chocolate cake- but these Ebinger zealots fall into some kind of trance when they speak of it.

The cake, named after wartime blackouts, has inspired many a writer. I read an article from the 80's that suggested that WW2 might have ended sooner had this recipe been shared with the enemy. That's the kind of mythic appeal and importance that this cake has garnered over the years.

Hidden in the Ebinger vault forever, the recipe has been imagined, attempted, facsimiled, and copied from memory by many people over many years.  The recipes are as varied as one could imagine and as far as I know, the official "authentic" recipe still has not surfaced.

My wife's birthday showed up right on schedule this year, 2010, as it does year after year.  This time however she handed me a recipe. It's from Cook's Country magazine, and from what I can gather after a lot of research, this recipe comes as close to the real deal as anything that has been published. Ebinger believers that have tried it claim that this recipe is indeed the second coming.

This is one amazing cake.  It is so rich, moist, and chocolaty, even after cutting a slice, unless your looking down on the cakes from above, it's hard to tell that a piece had been removed.  I've produced a variety of birthday gifts for my wife over the years, from vacuum cleaners to vacations, but this one has touched a place that should easily cover a multitude of sins for a long time to come.

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