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Recipes are everywhere. We all buy cookbooks that explain dishes from Alabama to Zanzibar, every grandma adds a different twist and then the Food Network kicks it up another notch.
So, you may ask, "Why another cooking class?" 

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School Again's "In the Kitchen with Friends" sessions are better described as events than classes.  Take a seat around the kitchen counter and join our circle of friends, as we discover the what, why, and how of food preparation.  Our intention is to inspire you in your own kitchen as we pursue foods, techniques, and dishes that are understandable and desirable. We're not trying to impress anybody with difficult or intimidating topics but rather offer exciting and inviting menus that you'll want to repeat at home.  If you're a new cook, or a seasoned pro, we encourage you to ask questions and share your own cooking tips.  We want you to make yourself at home as we talk, laugh, and dine on our culinary lessons.

Enjoy an evening with good food and new friends!

Culinary Resume

The Chef



Michael Perry grew up in a family restaurant business that operated for 37 years, from 1968 until 2005. As dishwasher, busboy, cashier, waiter, line cook, pastry chef, manager, and occasional bouncer, he's had opportunity to learn a lot about food and the business of food.

In between stints at the family business, Michael pursued culinary interests at New York's prestigious Dean & Deluca, working with acclaimed chef, Felipe Rojas-Lombardi.  He studied herbs with herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher, natural foods and vegetarian cooking at Portland's Nature's Food & Tool, and Manhattan's Whole Wheat and Wild Berries.  Michael attended Seattle Central Community College, completing the commercial baking program and worked in a gourmet bakery to gain practical experience.  He discovered fine espresso’s finicky nuances under the expert tutelage of David Schomer, renowned espresso guru, author, and owner of Espresso Vivace

Summing it all up, Michael has a lot of culinary experience. He has worked-in, owned, managed, trained and staffed restaurants and espresso bars for over 35 years and has the scars to prove it! 

His ability as an instructor is showcased regularly at Everett Community College and Boeing’s Quality Through Training Program, as a technical trainer.

Michael’s humor, high energy, and entertaining classroom presence will turn any learning session into a fun and memorable event for all involved.
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           The Kitchen

Each session takes place in the homey comfort of a spacious residential kitchen, located near Jennings Park in Marysville. Our open and comfortable area is just the right atmosphere for fun learning! On center stage is a big Bluestar gas range with six burners. This efficient workhorse is a joy to work on and is acclaimed as one of the preeminent pro ranges for the home. Smoke, grease and  unwanted lingering fumes  are a non-issue, thanks to our quietly efficient Vent-a-Hood exhaust. Bluestar review

Our appliances are professional grade to insure that the results represent the best possible.  We are well stocked with a large assortment of pots, pans, knives, utensils, and kitchen gadgets insuring that you will have a great opportunity to decide what will work well in your own kitchen.


Learn with the best

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"When I was a young man, I had a tiny little sports car. It transformed the simple act of driving to the corner store into an event, in that I didn't just drive by reflex but the whole of my senses were involved. I've found that cooking on high performance equipment elicits the same attitude in cooking. Searing a steak on 22,000 BTU's is a thrill; the sound, the smoke, the smell and, my God, the crust!"
Michael Perry

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Calendar of Events

If you are interested and would like to reserve a space at
our friendly kitchen counter, drop us an email. 

Note: the posted dates are subject to cancellation if interest and enrollment is low. 
On the other hand, dates will be added if classes fill early.

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In the Kitchen with Friends- Frequently Asked Questions

S Sessions are 3 - 4 hours

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S Tuition is $60.00 per person (tuition is subject to change)
S Minimum of 5 people are required to run a class
S Maximum of 10 people ensures a personal touch
S Yes, we will all eat the food we prepare
S Most sessions are in the evening but there will be exceptions based on content and visiting chefs
S Alcohol, pork, shellfish and nuts may be present at any session.  Please inquire beforehand if these items are of concern
S Payment by Cash, Checks or PayPal

Great cooking is more than following a recipe.  The passion to excel in the kitchen; to create something amazing, comes from understanding.  Join us as we discover the ingredients, tools, cooking methods, and professional kitchen techniques available to everyone; conveyed in a way to make every food endeavor an adventure of all the senses.  Revealing the confident, professional chef within each of us, is our goal.


School Again Training also offers professional espresso training and computer instruction

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