Surviving the Thanksgiving Feast - A Scrapbook

A very hard worker, my friend Liane volunteered tirelessly...well ok, she got tired

Front row seating; section 100

"This is a potato" 
Apparently, Liane already knew that as she naps...

Passing samples of the sweet potato soup,we concluded
that a little Pernod would do something special.

I can think of worse ways to spend an evening than
with a room full of lovely ladies

Ummm, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and a wine gravy...

My wife Suzanne, tonight's talented barista,
looks for a spot to set up her latt station.

Eating soup and making friends.

Enquiring minds want to know. . . and eat

Joy and Penny ham it up during a lesson

To the victors go the spoils! Packing up leftovers.

Food is cooked, tummies are full, and friendships grow.

While discussing future class ideas, Penny suggests tongue.

Pots, Pans, dishes, and smiles overflowing.

Well class is over, everything's gone. 
Let's do it again Friday

Later the very next week. . .

The deceptive calm before the storm. Food prepped and the kitchen ready for the guests to arrive, barista Suzanne, makes the chef a delicious brev.

Spellbound by Chef Perry's presentation, a rapt audience politely waits for him to stop talking and serve the food.

The gang watches as David gets an espresso lesson

Another friendly group becomes acquainted throughout the evening. What a great mix of young and younger.

Coffee and apple pie.

Waiting to see what happens to the big pot of turkey stock.

Moments after demonstrating how to drop a bin of flour

Apparently, completely oblivious to the camera...

That's all for tonight.  Goodnight...

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