Brining the Bird

Simple Steps to Simply Delicious Turkey

Getting the Bath Water Ready

Add 2 cups of table salt to 2 gallons of cold water into a container large enough to hold your bird.   Mix it well until dissolved

Work with care.  Nobody wants a tummy ache . . .

Remove and reserve the neck and giblets for gravy. Work cleanly and use bleach to disinfect surfaces that come into contact with the turkey and your hands

Soaking in the Tub

Submerge the turkey in the brine, completely covered, and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours. If the bird is too big, or the fridge too full, put the brined birdie in a cooler with adequate ice packs.

Final Rinse and Rubdown

Rinse thoroughly under cold running water, inside and out.  Pat dry with a clean towel and be sure to dry the cavities.

Left Hanging Out to Dry

For a crispy skin, after toweling the excess water, allow the turkey to air dry overnight in the refrigerator, uncovered. This step, although optional, is recommended.

No Artificial Flavorings

Aromatics and butter add to the flavor of our brined turkey and contribute to the pan drippings destined for gravy

Tied Up In Knots

A simple truss with kitchen string keeps things from flopping about
(click HERE to see a photo illustration of a simple truss)

Beauty Cream

Unsalted butter adds to the flavor and helps with color. This bird begins its journey in the tanning booth, breast down

Rotated, Roasted, Rested, and Ready

After roasting almost an hour belly down, itís turned on one side for a while, and then the other. Finally, 3 hours later, it finishes breast up.