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As many of you already know, because of an impossible work schedule, I've had to postpone the fun indefinitely.

My intention is to bring back the kitchen classes in a modified format to make it a little easier on my mental status and to keep it affordable to you.

I thank all of you for your support and encouragement. 
When we get the ball rolling again, I'll let you know.

Surviving the Thanksgiving Feast

Brined Roast Turkey, Sage Bread Dressing, Delicious Gravy, Sweet Potato Soup, Cranberry Conserve,  Sautéed Green Beans, Flakey Pie Crust, Apple Pie for Dessert!
For many cooks, roast turkey dinner can be a daunting and stressful challenge. This evening focuses on great food and kitchen techniques that teach method, preparation, timing, using space effectively, and dealing with stress during the project. A brined turkey will be cooked during this session to highlight this wonderfully juicy method.  We'll include a basic traditional bread dressing that will be easy to modify for personal tastes. Learn to make delicious pan gravy, sweet potatoes, and a few more surprises.  We will even provide space on the floor for lying on your back and "resting" between bites.

French Fundamentals, Oui?

French Onion Soup, Chicory Salad, Filet Mignon w/ Béarnaise, Potatoes Parisian, Dessert Crepe.
This French flavored class is loaded with hints and tips designed to make your kitchen time more effective. We've created tonight's menu to highlight a few fundamental culinary techniques. We will sharpen our knife skills cutting onions, setup a "mise en place" in preparation for dinner, choose and use the best utensils for the job, and investigate effective cooking heat and simple seasonings.  Come hungry tonight!

Keep it Simple Pasta- Delicious Italian Food Using Few Ingredients

Spaghetti w/ Shrimp Scampi Style Topping, Fresh Egg Pasta Ravioli with Veal Filling, Basic Tomato Sauce, Braised Fennel, Frico Montasio, and Tiramisu
Dried pasta cooked perfectly is good enough to eat without toppings but we'll make a bit of sauce too. Learn to create a basic tomato sauce that is great as-is and a perfect blank canvas for personal taste and creativity.  We'll make fresh pasta from scratch that will melt in your mouth and form ravioli with a tasty veal filling. Braised Fennel and Onion will round out our meal nicely.  Knock your socks off dessert with Tiramisu!

By the Beautiful Sea- Demystifying the Ocean's Fare

Roasted Whole Fish (in season), Steamer Clams and Mussels in Herb and Wine Nectar, Calamari with Thai Chili Sauce Soy Aioli, Puerto Rican Cabbage Salad, Pineapple Cocktail
Tonight, we'll take the mystery out of whole fish cookery and highlight it's delicious simplicity. But first, start with a big pot of mussels and clams swimming in a broth of herbs, golden fried calamari from scratch. Accompanying our oceanic feast is a refreshing and slightly different coleslaw and finally settle back with a dessert fruit dish of pineapple and friends.

Irish Comfort- Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage, Carrots, Red Potatoes w/ Parsley Butter, Horseradish Sauce, Homemade Ice Cream with an Irish Cream Topping
Traditions are a wonderful way to remember where you've come from.  If you're not from Irish descent, then borrow someone else's tradition for tonight's delicious meal!  Beef Brisket, cooked slowly to a buttery tenderness marries so well with cabbage, potatoes and carrots cooked in a flavorful broth.  Finish the evenings festivities with homemade ice cream and your eyes will be smiling along with your tummy.

Yard Bird Savvy- Tastes Like Chicken. . . Because It Is Chicken

Chicken Oven-Roasted, Chicken Pan-Fried, Saffron Rice Pilaf, Traditional Waldorf Salad, Lemon Tart
Few things lend themselves to as much variety as the humble chicken.  We'll get to know this gift to the kitchen in tonight's session.  First, we'll learn how to cut our pieces from the whole chicken to save money and insure consistency. Homemade chicken broth is always on hand when you buy whole poultry- we'll get a pot going.  We'll discuss proper temperature and learn how to brine our bird to insure perfectly cooked, moist meat every time. Safety and sanitation is the rule with birds and we've got a few easy suggestions. Saffron infused pilaf is a perfect partner to chicken and finally, refresh the palette with the ageless Waldorf salad. Say goodnight with a lemon tart.
Loafing Around the Southwest- Meat Shaped Like a Brick
Meat Loaf layered with savory Polenta and Tomatoes, Garden Pea Salad, Cranberry Orange Mousse
I still go looney over a good meatloaf.  Layer a moist slice or two on the plate with a flavorful polenta and some fresh tomato, drizzle it all with a piquant Chipotle sauce and you'll be in New Mexico. Add a fruity vinaigrette to garden fresh peas & wild greens, top it off with an easy to make mousse. We will help you to your car. 
Cheese Please- Exploring the 7 Categories
Fresh, Soft Ripened, Washed Rind, Cooked Pressed, Uncooked Pressed, Blue Veined, Specialty Items
Finally. . . learn, examine, and sample the categories that encompass the seeming endless array of incredible cheeses of the world. We'll sample from the milk of cow, sheep, and goat. We'll eat them in salad, on bread, in soup, with wine, and of course, plain and unfettered. We will provide an intriguing assortment of this age old dairy staple with lots of accompaniment.
Let's Order a Pizza- The Blank Canvas of Love
Homemade Pizza Dough, Pizza Margarite, Make your Own Pie
Discover the simple secrets of great yeast pizza dough as we make a new batch, use one that's been rising for a few hours prior to class, and one that's been resting in the fridge.  While the famous Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Margarite is in the oven, we'll have fun shaping and topping our own individual mini pies.  We'll have a tasty assortment of ingredients on hand. With Frank and Dino singing in the background, tonight's evening will be one to remember.
Meet Cow's Meat 1- Good Moos About Beef
Chuck KeBob, Pan Seared Rib Eye, Stir Fry Rounds,
Have you ever wondered what part of the cow a particular cut of beef comes from? Tonight we'll sample beef from 3 different sections of our bovine friend and get a handle on why these cuts are better for certain dishes and why.  This is an Atkins paradise, and for the rest of us, seriously good grubbin'! Tonight we feature Chuck, Rib, and Round of Beef. Jicama Salad and Fruit Ambrosia will be tonight's side dish and dessert, respectively.
Meet Cow's Meat 2- More Good Moos About Beef
Tenderloin in Wine Sauce, Flank Fajitas, Sweet 'n Sour Short Ribs
Continued from Part 1, this class focuses on 3 more cuts of beef from different parts of the cow. On the chopping block tonight, we're featuring Short Loin and Flank and the Short Ribs. Served up with a delightful potato substitute, Smashed Cauliflower and Cheese, and closing with fireworks, we'll flame up Banana's Foster with Ice Cream.
Piggy Went to the Market- Delightful Pork
Italian Stuffed Pork Chops, Saffron Risotto, Wilted Spinach Salad, Lime Sorbet
Pork chops don't have to be dry but without special care they often are.  Make incredibly moist, mouthwatering Stuffed Chops that will definitely make an impression!  Discover the secret to perfect RIsotto- the Arborio rice dish of Italy.  A Wilted Spinach Salad with bacon is a perfect compliment to tonight's meal.  Top of this evenings fun with a Lime Sorbet.
Southern Drawl- Comfort Foods From the Deep South
That's Just Grate- Barbecue Savvy
"Jeet Yet?"- Food with a New York Accent
The Veggie Table- No Meat
Bread Workshop- Kickin' Up the Dusting Flour

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