Miscellaneous Links
Here are a few links to various pages and sites that may interest you.  School Again shares photos, recipes, and advice to a number of friends and associates.  Below are some of these links. 

Check back often as this list grows and changes.
BlackOut Cake- This amazing chocolate cake inspires poetry
Brining the Bird- a graphical look at turkey brining
Thanksgiving Class Photos- pictures of our classes in session
Renovation- a brief pictorial on our kitchen remodel
Wok- a little information about Chinese woks
Pork Loin Jelly-Roll Style- an instructional recipe
Seafood 1- a tasty morsel of clams and trout
Kiss the CookBook- we say goodbye to our 37 year old family business
Espresso 101- espresso classes at Everett Community College- a review
Ristretto- mouth watering pictorial about a great shot of espresso
The Cooking Forum-  fun and informative bunch of "foodies" to share ideas with
The Appliance Forum- a great place to discuss kitchen hardware

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