Pancetta & Peas Stuffed Pork Loin
Double Pork Loin roll cut. A filling of Pancetta, Onions, Peas, etc, on the right side, Bell & Ancho Pepper Jelly on the left. The two loins separate a bit due to my rough handling.
The Jelly oozes downward according to plan. It didn't occur to me in time but a generous coating on top would be welcome. This pork needed a little more pork to fatten it up a bit.  Modern pork has been bred a little too lean in my opinion.
Wrapped snug, this little piggy is ready for a long slow nap in the tanning booth. The trick here is to cook the center without overcooking the outside wraps. Low and Slow. . . Hopefully you have the new computer processor with the Scratch and Sniff adaptor.  Oh my, what aroma!
My camera flash was a little too close in this shot. The slight pink of perfectly cooked pork shows up white here.  Luckily we didn't have to eat the picture!  The accompanying dish in the background is a Lentil Macaroni Rishti.

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