Upgrading the SchoolAgain Kitchen
September 2005

The project is finally over!  This page has been created in appreciation to the helpful citizens of the Gardenweb.com Appliances forum.  After 2 months of reading, research, and asking those that have done kitchen projects before me, I settled on, what I believe, the best equipment for the job.

My experiences might be helpful to you as you contemplate a similar journey.  Obviously, choosing the right appliances and ideas are highly objective to the person making the decisions, but as I have learned, it's sure nice to see what others have done.  I've had my share of nervous moments; realizing the daunting and mind numbing assortment of ranges and hoods available, wondering what  would work best for my kitchen, the realization of the cost of this stuff, finding a dealer who carries it, hoping that I made the wisest choices, waiting three months for the things to arrive, finding the right installers, and on and on.

  I've included a link to my email and am willing to field a few basic questions and can share my experiences with the Seattle area dealer that I worked with.  Better then me however, for an incredible amount of wisdom and experience, check out gardenweb.com and join the discussions that take place in the appliance forum.  I've included a link below to that as well. Enjoy the photos!

The 30" down-draft electric range to be replaced by a gas range.  This could have been a simple job except that I decided on a 36" high powered bad boy gas range that needs a high powered bad boy hood where none currently existed.  Did I mention that natural gas was not  available in my area?  I leased a propane tank and installed the piping under the house.      

First step: remove the range, and move the cabinet over to gain an additional 6 inches for the new one.
Ok, the range is out.  Hmmm. . .
moving the counter over could present another problem.
Looks ok from here.
oh. . . A thin piece of wood, some primer, paint, and a length of corner trim- I  don't think anyone will even notice
Uncrated, this little baby looks ready to cook! A 36" Bluestar Model RNB, 6 burner, outfitted specifically for propane use.   Ka-ching! 42" Vent-A-Hood Eurostyle Emerald Hood. 600 cfm with a dual blower, 2 pot rails, 4 halogen lights.  This hood sucks!   Ka-ching!
I lost sleep over this decision. I love stainless but because this is my home and not a restaurant, I was looking for a built-in, made for my house look. Based on a color sample viewed on a two inch square piece of metal, I special ordered this in a textured enamel after signing a cannot-cancel-or-change-my-mind waiver. 
For three months, I wondered and worried.
Putting a hole in a perfectly good ceiling, these two guys knew what they were doing.  They crawled in the attic, on the floor, on my roof for
six and a half hours.    Ka-ching!
We were making pretty good progress until
I blinded Steve with the flash.
A little bit of trim, caulking and paint-
this thing turned out better than I had imagined
What a fit!  Snug, level and beautiful from every angle, we are finally ready to fire it up.
This was the gas installer's first Bluestar.  They turned on the burners, and after a moment of silence, looked at each other and then at me, and said at the same time, "Wow!"  This truly is a race horse.  All on high, from left rear to right is a simmer burner, 15K, and 22K burners, and from bottom left to right-22k, 15k, and 15k.   I took a chance with the low profile island backsplash. 
That is tile against the wall ... and oak.
Bad idea!.. That took about 4 minutes with a pan of pasta water on the 22,000 btu burner. I guess I'll be ordering the 8" back splash after all. 
 All in all, this turned out rather well, I think.
Note to self- "Sit down and relax for a while" Another note to self- "Invite some folks over real soon!"

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