The Ristretto (Short Pour)
Great beans, great machine, great technique= Great Espresso.  Here's one fine machine- The Synesso Cyncra
This PID (controlled temperature) equipped machine stabilizes the heat at the group head +/- .5 degrees F.
Before PID technology, this consistency and accuracy of temperature was impossible to achieve. This breakthrough finally made it possible to pour the perfect shot most of the time rather than now and then.

Notice the reflection on the counter of the digital displays underneath.

This is about 11 seconds into the pour.  Sorry about the focus, but it's hard enough getting a great shot of espresso even without the distraction of taking pictures. Getting close to the end of the pour at approximately 19 seconds.  Notice how rich, red, and thick the "nectar" is.
I shut the machine off at close to 25 seconds at roughly 1 and 3/4 ounces; a fine ristretto.  Any more water going through the ground coffee and unwanted flavors come into the cup. Steaming the milk into a delicate velvet-like texture allows the finishing touch.  Not only is it a pretty thing to behold, but the smooth texture on the tongue inspires poetry ...

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